I specialize in the treatment of Anxiety Disorders, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. I treat these disorders primarily using first-line, evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure with Response Prevention. In addition, I provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for mental health concerns related to chronic health conditions. You may have a specific treatment in mind that you would like to try. Alternatively, we can work together to decide what approach will be best for you. My goal is to combine scientifically-proven approaches with your specific needs/preferences in order to design a own unique treatment approach for you.

Therapy begins with an assessment where you and I will work together to make sense of what you are experiencing. After the assessment, we will develop a treatment plan and set goals for your therapy. In each session, we will set a plan for the day that will move us closer to those goals. This may include a review of learned skills, talking through relevant experiences, problem-solving challenges or developing new skills. At the end of session, we will come up with a game plan for practice outside of therapy so that you can continue to make progress towards your goals.

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Mental health treatment can be especially effective when conducted in a group of people going through similar challenges. Group Therapy offers the opportunity to develop evidence-based skills, improve mental health and receive invaluable support from others.

I offer evidence-based group therapy services including CBT for Social Anxiety, CBT for Health Anxiety, CBT for General Anxiety, ACT for Depression and ACT for Chronic Illness.

To inquire about current Group Therapy offerings at CBT Carolina, please send me a message.

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