I offer supervision and training in CBT and ACT for mental health professionals of all levels. I also offer consultation to technology companies looking to integrate mental health theory and treatment into their products.


I offer clinical supervision to pre-licensed and licensed mental health professionals interested in developing their skills in evidence-based practices. Whether you are new to cognitive and behavioral therapies or looking to enhance existing skills, I can help you reach your goals. Supervision is available for providers working with clients in their own practices as well as for those interested in working at CBT Carolina, where you receive client referrals as well as supervision.


I offer individual and group training in CBT and ACT as well as in diagnosis- specific protocols. Trainings are tailored to meet your unique needs and range from brief overviews to multi-day intensive workshops. Training offerings include:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP)
  • CBT or ACT for anxiety
  • CBT for insomnia (CBT-i)
  • ACT for chronic physical health conditions
  • CBT with ERP for OCD

I offer consultation services to technology companies looking to integrate mental health concepts into their work. I specialize in the integration of evidence-based treatment approaches into virtual and simulation technologies designed to improve health and mental health programs. Past consultant roles include::

  • Applied VR: clinically-validated virtual reality programs for stress, anxiety and pain management in medial patients
  • Kognito: evidence-based health simulations related to mental health and prescription drug use

To inquire about supervision, consultation and training in CBT, ERP or ACT, please contact me.